Installing a water heater at home can provide you numerous benefits. The biggest challenge that you might face though is choosing between gas or electric heater. Whilst both have advantages, the former is more recommended as it has more benefits.

Why install a gas hot water heater

  • Faster heating

It can heat twice as fast as the electric type. An hour is enough to heat 50 gallons of water, thus making sure that you have enough supply any time you need it. For businesses and larger families, you should not think twice about choosing this option. This type can provide a better and more constant supply of hot water.

  • Lower energy cost

The electric type is more expensive than gas. As such, the gas type is the most cost-effective in terms of operational expense. If you want lesser monthly utility bills, the gas type is the best choice.

  • Can operate even during power interruptions

Even if there is no electricity supply due to power outage or extreme weather conditions, you are sure you still have the hot water you need. This is definitely a good alternative instead of using heaters powered by electricity.

Just like the electric type, any gas hot water heater also has its cons:

  • Higher upfront cost

This is a more expensive option than electric. But the price you paid for the equipment would surely pay off in the long run. You can make up for the price in a year or even shorter depending on your usage, making it a better investment, especially to businesses.

  • Shorter life span

Compared to electric, this may have a year shorter lifespan. Although, just like in any appliances you use, proper maintenance and immediate repairs can maximise and even extend their life. If you are worried about this aspect, you should get a good warranty package.

  • Difficult installation process

This should not be an issue on your end, hire an installer and let them do the job instead. There are many companies that providing an installation for best to rely on their service.

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