When doing home improvement or renovations, you would need to have your place repainted. This gives your house a brand-new look, whilst also giving you the opportunity to customise its appearance. To get a satisfactory service, you should watch out for these red flags when hiring painters:

  • Refuses to Bring Own Materials

When hiring professionals to do the job, you are expecting the best possible service your money can get. A superb service requires the best materials commonly used by experts. This includes paints, brushes, scrapers and rollers. If your prospective painter refuses to bring their own materials, chances are, they do not own professional tools. To ensure an efficient and guaranteed service delivery, find a painter who has their own tools.

  • Lack of Proper Equipment

Aside from materials, you need to make sure that you hire a service provider who has the right equipment. This is essential for exterior painting. Step ladders and extensions are perfect for medium heights. However, if you own a relatively tall property, it is safer to use a boom or scissor lifts to prevent accidents.

  • Drastic Changes in Quotes

During the negotiation process, your painter will give you a projected cost. Keep in mind that this is only an estimation and it can increase or decrease depending on the situation. However, the change should not be too drastic unless you are availing additional services.

  • Insists on Their Own Preferences

You are making changes on your property, which means that the decisions on colours and other aesthetic aspects should be yours. Unless you are availing colour and wallpaper consultations, you should be able to decide what colours are to be used.

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