The water flow meter is a useful device for emergency plumbers to accurately gauge the liquid flowing through the pipes. These instruments are usually placed in the majority of domestic and industrial areas to check for leaks or for the purpose of precise measurements.

These devices are classified into two types: the displacement water meter and the velocity meter. Compound meters are often more expensive products since they combine the functions of both types of meters whilst adding extra features.

Types of Meters

The displacement meter works by comparing the flow of liquid to the amount that is present in the container. Liquid flow is determined by the number of times the container is emptied and filled up with the meter utilising a piston apparatus to record and calculate the data. Since a chamber is involved in the measurement, these meters are normally found in office buildings, apartments, homes and hotels.

Another device that helps emergency plumbers with their work is the velocity meter. In a nutshell, this device will gauge velocity and alter it to the volume of liquid with the help of various mechanisms. Velocity meters may come in the form of a turbine, multi-jet, propeller, ultrasonic and magnetic instruments. Since these meters are best for measuring huge volumes of liquid, they are normally installed in those big factories or industrial facilities.

Precise Measurements

Whilst analogue meters have been in use for years, the newer digital meters provide better efficiency and precision. These devices make use of innovative techniques to measure and calculate the rate at which liquid is flowing. Emergency plumbers will get the most precise measurements if they install the water flow meter close to the feed line. Once the instruments collect the right measurements, the calculated results will either appear on the device’s display or transferred to a database.

Water flow meters can be purchased from different dealers over the Internet, with unique features such as the capacity to withstand changes in weather and resistance to corrosion. Home owners should call  to emergency plumbers  the  best location to install it and what kind they should buy.