Building a home is expensive but is an exciting endeavour. This is especially true if you have a specific design in mind. It’s quite complicated to have a new house priced properly, even if you hire well-known custom builders to take care of the projects. The rates might surprise you out of the blue.

Whilst many businesses have a tendency to be as honest as they can go, some other companies out there are unscrupulous. There might be charges that might get you off your projected budget, so if you think that a quote is too low, be vigilant.

If you want to have an informed opinion on what the charges should be, you might need a bit of a help. Here’s what you should consider:

  • The Custom Building Hole

When looking at the rates offered by custom builders, don’t be fooled by the rock bottom price. The truth is that you need to look at the contract to make sure that you’re not getting yourself into a hole.

The truth is, to drive costs down, some build companies tend to hide elements of the building process to pull customers like you. The bigger, obvious expenses are put in front of you whilst some are brushed under the hood.

  • Land Prices Vary

Land prices can vary depending on the location, proximity to facilities and the benefits that it gives the client. Land conditions may make the price higher or lower.

For example, more mountainous locale should have lower prices than average as they are hard to build on. Land areas that are near urban amenities, like hospitals, malls and high-value suburbs, tend to go on the high side.

  • Additional Preparation Costs

Preparing a land for a new home is another markup that businesses might not tell you upfront. The work that needs to be done the filling, excavating, clearing the area of pests and hazards. Land prep stacks up and can make the entire build much more expensive than what’s advertised.

  • Hidden Permit Costs

Permit costs are amongst the favourite extra expenses that some custom builders tend to add on. As this service needs to be done with your local council, you want your build company to take care of this for you.

You should be upfront with your builder to make sure that their services have permits already added. You need to read the fine print twice before agreeing to anything with your builders.

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