Bathroom renovation in Brisbane can be a bit costly. But this is a good investment anyway, so there’s nothing wrong if you spend a bit on it. However, there are ways to minimise the expenses. You just need to be artistic and creative. Below are few of the ways to do so:

  • Plan before you start

Planning is necessary. Planning with professionals, like an architect or designer, can be pricey. Yet, it is money well spent. A plan that is worked out together with professionals will give you an assurance that your design, timeline and budget are realistic. In the long run, the designer can give you savings not only for money but time as all expensive errors can be eliminated.

  • Keep where the plumbing is

Utilising the piping that already exists on the bathroom can help you a lot in keeping your budget at bay for your bathroom renovation. Moving the bathtub and toilet are huge tasks. Plumbing fixtures to be moved requires a huge budget.

  • Do not invest too much on the toilet

Changing the entire porcelain perch could be very expensive, so a better workaround is changing just the lid and toilet seat. Changing these two can give you a toilet that looks fresh and new. Changing unit has a lot of expenditures including installation fees, so why take that route if you can change these two tops and get almost the same perfect result?

  • The pride of furniture

Looking for antique and vintage dressers at antique shops and flea market can be a good idea. This will give you a lot of savings. It is also very original as for sure there is none out there has the same piece of furniture as yours.

  • Replace tiles

You need not a bathroom made of tiles from floors up to the ceiling. You can consider alternatives like board and batten, reclaimed wood panels, or beadboard. They look completely classy and high-end yet cheaper. Wood needs higher maintenance, but it can also give a comforting and warmer vibe than tile.