A blocked sewer and drain may happen at the most horrible time such as when you are throwing a party at home or you have guests staying overnight. Although blocked drainage may take place without notice, there are many things you can do to prevent it from happening.

  • Do not wait for a blockage to occur

If blocked drainage is common in your home— if it’s something that happens once or twice a year— then you should not be satisfied by DIY cleaning alone. It is best to hire blocked sewer and drain Sydney service that will check the drainage and will see what causes the clogging. This process may need a remote camera to work on a visual inspection.

The issue may be due to tree roots going through tile joints, worn-out cast iron, or a collapsed pipe that let soil to drop into the pipelines that clogged the pipes later. Paying someone to identify the issue is better.

  • Use a lint catcher on the hose of your washing machine

You are lucky by now if your washing machine has never been clogged for a long time. Bits of fabric, lint and facial tissue can get into the hose and can cause damage to your drainage. Lint catcher can minimise or even stop these particles from blocking the sewer and drain.

  • Collect all grease and do not dump it in your drainage

Do not throw grease straight to your drain. Yes, it may be flowing because the grease or oil is still warm, but once it gets into the pipe and cold, it will change its form from liquid to solid and it will cling onto the pipes and cause clogging. Instead, pour the grease in a can and throw it somewhere else.

  • Catch hair before it gets the drain

When combined, soap and hair in the shower drain and bath can create a blockage. Yes, it can be fixed by using drain snake, but that is too much of a legwork to do.