When it comes to the talk about toilets, not many people are aware of what a bidet is.

A bidet is a type of sink or plumbing fixture which is designed to wash the anus, inner buttock, perineum and genitals of the human body. It is normally installed in a comfort room and comes with its benefits.

Cleaning up the areas where the sun doesn’t shine after using the bathroom has never been easier, and people who have experienced using it would wonder how they would sanitise themselves without the bidet in the first place.

What are the advantages of having a bidet near the toilet seat anyway?

The bidet advocates hygiene.

Making use of a bidet is actually more hygienic than using tissue paper. Recycled paper to wipe your butt with is no substitute for the clean feeling provided by water. Think about it this way, when you wash your hands, would wiping your hands with a napkin give you the safe cleansed feeling as washing your hands with soap and water?

The bidet is cost efficient.

Going back to the example above, having a bidet installed in your bathroom will save you money on purchasing more items per year. Buying napkins for everyone in the house can get costly, and having a bidet in the comfort room will bring down the grocery bill since paper towels will not be in the list of things to buy.

The bidet cares for the environment.

We once again go with the examples above. Most paper towels nowadays are made out of recycled material. If everyone would use a bidet, very little of these paper products would clog the drains or end up in landfills, polluting the environment in the process.

Having a bidet beside the toilets will save trees since they will not be cut down just to create paper products. And even if this household appliance makes use of water, it only uses the same amount you would use for washing your hands.

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